Ocean freight

Large shipments at low cost

Ocean freight

Ocean freight is highly advantageous option to bring your cargo from foreign countries. The cost of ocean freight is far below of trucking or rail carriage costs for the same distance. Using of ISO containers allow to do multimodal shipments and do not touch the cargo in transits spots. This provide a high safety of commodity, as every single time you handle the cargo, the quality of commodity decrased. Also containers reduce time of stevedoring operations. The shipper's seals locking container ensure that consignee will get the same what shipper send

We offer to our customers reasonable ocean freight rates, as we are shipping line's service contact holders. Our agency network spreaded out around enable to act in foreign ports. We can: Provide containers to sonsignee for stuffing; haulage from loading site to the port of lading; loading containers onboard; Import and export shipmens; Cabotage between russian sea ports; Discharging in the port of destination and freight forwarding; LCL shipments.

Shipping of goods from plenty of ports around the world

Fares is able to deliver your cargo by sea

Large shipments It is possible to bring a lot of goods and cargoes as a single consignment
WORLDWIDE The ability of carriage from sea ports around the world
on schedule Due to linear schedule it is possible to plan your logistics

Sea freight Vladivostok

Comercial port Fishery port Vostochniy port
20’GP 40’HC 20’GP 40’HC 20’GP 40’HC


$765 $925 $745 $895 $780 $795


$755 $885 $745 $895 $780 $795


$855 $985 $855 $955 $880 $855


$725 $855 $775 $905 $870 $895


$915 $1065 $915 $1035 $870 $935
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