Deliver cargoes over long distances safety


Russsian railway is one of the biggest and highly developed railway systems in the world. It's a vital trafic artery linking parts of a huge country together. Rail carriage make it real to deliver cargoes across the russian territory and pay not so much, instead of trucking for the same distance. Track & trace system, functioning on railway, is a very usefull tool which make it enable to know a current status and location of cargoes and forecast arrival time.

We can arrange carriage through the railway using ISO containers. Our team has a lot of experiense of handling and shipping cargoes via railway. They can provide comprehensive advices about all the matter regarding railage. We provide additional services, like lashing of cargoes in containers, or restuffing commodity into railway's containers or carts, when the carrier own containers are not allowed for delivery by railway.

Delivery of goods across Russian territory

Fares has a lot of experience of railway carriage in Russia

PROFITABLY The lowest cost of delivery cargoes across russian land
Through the whole country Russian railway network connects the east and the west of the vast country
RELIABLY Rail carriage is one of the most safety option of delivery

Train service from Vladivostok

Container freight train

20’ 20’ heavy 40’
Moscow 73 600 a 86 700 a 129 500 a
Ekaterinburg 67 300 a 78 800 a 112 400 a
Novosibirsk 62 700 a 73 000 a 107 400 a
Krasnoyarsk 58 300 a 71 200 a 91 700 a
Single rail shipments

20’ 20’ heavy 40’
Irkutsk   61 000 a 70 600 a 104 100 a
Krasnoyarsk   69 500 a 79 600 a 113 500 a
Samara   88 400 a 106 600 a 151 100 a
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