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Trucking is an element which links multimodal transportation in chain. Trucks are usefull for picking-up cargoes just from warehouses and bring it to railway stations, sea ports, container freight station etc. or right to consignee. The main feature of tricking is a very fast speed of delivery.The schedule of haulage could be very flexible and it's possible to deliver cargo at any time.

Fares arranges haulage of ISO containers around Russian terriotory as well as abroad. Our highly experienced specialist cand provide any advices regurding trucking as: cost, possibility, better routes and options of trucking, or even warn about possible dificulties which may affect trucking.They choose an apropriate trucks and plan the schedule.

Our company offers:

  • garbage containers from the ports and shipping them to the warehouse;
  • delivery of empty containers for loading and transporting them to the port;
  • garbage containers with plants in Russian cities;
  • disbandment of containers and delivery of goods by truck.
flexible schedule The ability to plan the delivery as you wish and require
Delivery to the warehouse Trucks allow to deliver the goods directly to the warehouse
expeditious The fastest delivery of cargoes for short and middle distance

The cost of care delivery


20’ 40’
Within city area 8 500 a 8 500 a
Artem town 11 000 a 11 000 a
Khabarovsk city 70 000 a 70 000 a

20’ 40’
  Within MKAD 15 000 a 18 000 a

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